A major benefit gained from doing business in Barbados is having access to the country’s international trade agreements: Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs), Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs), Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEAs). Barbados has an expanding network of double taxation treaties which offers certain advantages to investors that use Barbados resident entities to conduct business in other countries.

Key advantages that DTAs offer to investors:

  • Certainty of tax treatment with respect to the income and gains derived from cross border investments.
  • Reduced withholding taxes in the source country for certain types of income.
  • Elimination of the occurrence of double taxation of income. 

Investors that use a Barbadian entity to do business in other countries may also enjoy protection of their investment as Barbados has entered into BITs for the promotion and protection of investment. 

Click below to see the full list of treaties that Barbados has concluded with other countries.